In doing research to identify the plants I found, the easiest way was to sort them by flower colour. If you don’t know the name of something, it’s really hard to find it – but colour makes life easy!!! (and much more visually happy when  your favourite colour is “rainbow” – :D ) For a while, until I catch up, there will be redirects and broken links in the image tables below. Sorry ’bout that – I am fixing them … slowly but surely. I have thousands of plant images to post on this new site. Invasive plants will be in red squares or something when I get that far …. Plants I haven’t identified yet can be found on the Mystery Plants page (when I get it built). LOL – I just previewed this page and what a dog’s breakfast!!! I’ll leave it as is for now but will make it a priority for a rewrite. “Copy and paste” doesn’t always work the way I expect it to work. *rolling eyes* alfalfa-X-DSC_8861.jpg (52092 bytes) Alfalfa

alfalfa-X-DSC_8861.jpg (52092 bytes) Alfalfa Climbing-Nightshade-DSC_193.jpg (123600 bytes) Climbing Nightshade Thread-leaved Phacelia-DSC_1312.jpg (123406 bytes) Thread-leaved Phacelia
Bull Thistle-373_7358.jpg (123744 bytes) Bull Thistle Canada-Thistle-DSC_3272.jpg (122595 bytes) Canada Thistle purple-vetch-DSC_0078.jpg (127315 bytes) Purple Vetch
Lupine-DSC_2492.jpg (56582 bytes) Silvery Lupine Burdock-DSC_0026.jpg (115514 bytes) Common Burdock Mountain-Bluebell-2003_0526.jpg (122419 bytes) Mountain Bluebell
DSC_5262.jpg (117456 bytes) Henbit Blueweed-DSC_2987.jpg (120215 bytes) Common Bugloss Chicory-DSC_4204.jpg (125727 bytes) Chicory
Comfrey-DSC_1486.jpg (124701 bytes) Comfrey Cranebill Geranium-DSC_3474.jpg (119298 bytes) Cranebill Geranium Dames Rocket-DSC_7310.jpg (59650 bytes) Dame’s Rocket
larkspur-DSC_2024.jpg (55400 bytes) Upland Larkspur INVASIVE PLANT Hounds-Tongue-353_5366.JPG (202000 bytes) Hounds-tongue blue-clematis-DSC_5577.jpg (76180 bytes) Blue Clematis
SAGEBRUSHMARIPOSA-DSC_6029.jpg (66046 bytes) Sagebrush Mariposa Lily
Common-Milkweed-DSC_1885.jpg (120570 bytes) Common Milkweed Poppy-DSC_1752.jpg (120309 bytes) Poppy Field-Bindweed-DSC_1536.jpg (125093 bytes) Field Bindweed
Herb-Robert-DSC_1383.jpg (126818 bytes) Herb Robert wild-rose-DSC_0177.jpg (120115 bytes) Wild Rose Yarrow-DSC_1638.jpg (125392 bytes) Yarrow
knickaknick-2004-08-29-014.jpg (41293 bytes) Knickaknick Mountain-Snowberry-DSC_5069.jpg (121073 bytes) Mountain Snowberry Soapwort---F-2004-09-03-104.jpg (130568 bytes) Soapwort
Curly-Dock-DSC_1964.jpg (119812 bytes) Curly Dock Fireweed-DSC_1582.jpg (125646 bytes) Fireweed Hollyhock-Pink-DSC_3535.jpg (119354 bytes) Hollyhock (Pink)
Indian-Paintbrush-352_5215.jpg (68105 bytes) Indian Paintbrush INVASIVE PLANT Purple-Loosestrife-366_6605.jpg (90677 bytes) Purple Loosestrife
INVASIVE PLANT Blackberry INVASIVE PLANTOxeye-Daisy-DSC_1980.jpg (120101 bytes) Oxeye Daisy INVASIVE PLANT hoary-alyssum-DSC_3452.jpg (58532 bytes) Hoary Alyssum
INVASIVE PLANT Cleavers-DSC_7157.jpg (66080 bytes) Cleavers INVASIVE PLANT Diffuse-Knapweed-DSC_2694.jpg (123984 bytes) Diffuse Knapweed Saskatoon-PICT5500.jpg (55326 bytes) Saskatoon
Lewis-Mock-Orange-DSC_9497.jpg (58996 bytes) Mock Orange Babys-Breath-DSC_3677.jpg (117437 bytes) Baby’s Breath yarrow-DSC_0658.jpg (124937 bytes) Yarrow
white-clover-DSC_4319.jpg (59230 bytes) White Clover Sweet White Clover-DSC_6195.jpg (116329 bytes) White Sweet Clover Rats-Tail-Plantain-DSC_3512.jpg (122900 bytes) Rat’s Tail Plantain
Strawberry flower sept 12 04.jpg (78418 bytes) Wild Strawberry Field-Bindweed-DSC_1516.jpg (115273 bytes) Field Bindweed Hollyhock-white-DSC_3549.jpg (120419 bytes) Hollyhock (White)
white-cockle-DSC_0106.jpg (124019 bytes) White Cockle Mallow-DSC_1320.jpg (124758 bytes) Common Mallow Water-Hemlock-371_7176.jpg (124472 bytes) Water Hemlock
bullrush-DSC_1064.jpg (69596 bytes) Bullrush Blue-Elder-DSC_8967.jpg (63594 bytes) Blue Elder
Bird's-foot Trefoil-DSC_2831.jpg (126037 bytes) Bird’s-foot Trefoil Siberian-Wallflower-DSC_177.jpg (113976 bytes) Siberian Wallflower western-goats-beard-1-DSC_0.jpg (121278 bytes) Western Goat’s Beard
INVASIVE PLANT sulphur-cinqfoil-DSC_6914.jpg (130558 bytes) Sulphur Cinquefoil shrubby-cinquefoil-DSC_5652.jpg (121660 bytes) Shrubby Cinquefoil Rough-Cinquefoil-DSC_3461.jpg (114160 bytes) Rough Cinquefoil
Tall Tumblemustard-DSC_0080.jpg (116103 bytes) Tall Tumblemustard Black-Medic-DSC_2526.jpg (122305 bytes) Black Medick Great-Mullein-DSC_9080.jpg (57049 bytes) Great Mullein
Oregon-Grape-DSC_2556.jpg (119438 bytes) Oregon Grape Yellow-Hawkweed-DSC_7144.jpg (55738 bytes) Canada Hawkweed Sow-thistle-DSC_3650.jpg (119644 bytes) Sow-thistle
Dandelion-DSC_5433.jpg (122139 bytes) Dandelion pineappleweedDSC_0170.jpg (122494 bytes) Pineappleweed Creeping-Buttercup-DSC_2684.jpg (117286 bytes) Creeping Buttercup
Blackeyed_Susan-DSC_2514.jpg (119407 bytes) Arrowleaf Balsamroot INVASIVE PLANTCommon Tansy-2004-09-24-050.jpg (54929 bytes) Common Tansy Coreopsis-DSC_1670.jpg (122414 bytes) Coreopsis
INVASIVE PLANT Dalmation-Toadflax-DSC_3493.jpg (69714 bytes) Dalmatian Toadflax Sweet-Clover-Yellow-DSC_011.jpg (126479 bytes) Sweet Yellow Clover prairie-coneflower-DSC_7498.jpg (56386 bytes) Prairie Coneflower
INDIAN BLANKET-DSC_7512.jpg (55419 bytes) Indian Blanket Flower 2010-06-10-DSC_8504.jpg (64305 bytes) Groundsel

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